My Queue – When you don’t have the time!

December 10, 2007

 Ever found something you really want to read, watch or listen to but just don’t have the time? So you categorize it in your bookmarks or drag it to your desktop “to do” folder and forget about it. hopes to solve that. Simply use the client tools or add the content link per normal and with one click you can set it as “not read” and easily come back to it later!

The feature for is called the “My Queue” selection which allows you to bookmark items which you have not yet read. There is now so much content coming at us that sometimes you just wish to store an item for reading later.

When adding content, simply click the “STATUS” panel to set it as READ or UNREAD. You can view your items by clicking the “My Queue” link in the toolbar.

When you want to set it as read, simply edit the content, set the STATUS panel and save.

Here’s an example of what i want to catch up on.


Client Tools

December 9, 2007

There have been an number of excellent points made about feelz since yesterday. We have been called a “mashup of delicious and openid” which is a pretty nice complement.

However, we also appreciate the comments that there should be some tools to make it easier for users ON an page and websites/blogs to put links to the site.

 So that’s exactly what we did in the early hours of this morning.

You can go to and get some simple tools that allow you to put links to directly in your blogs – so adding to feelz will be one simple click.

And with OpenID, you don’t even have more username and password combinations to remember 🙂

Feelz – Audience

December 8, 2007

Let’s start with the first set of metadata or concepts that you can apply to content – “audience”.

You visit a web site which is really good for your kids, so you label it with “kids” and perhaps make it’s intensity of value 5 to say it is really good for kids. Maybe you find a web page that is useful for parents, then simply add it to Feelz and label its audience as “parents”!

In short it is hard to rely on search engines such as Google or the content owners themselves to filter this information for you. However, through the community we can start to relate things on the web to particular audience types… i suspect some may even emerge as we progress.

So now you are ONE search away from finding good sites for babies “baby 3” or even really good music for your kids to listen to “toddler music 5”!

We’re in “Experimental Mode”

December 7, 2007

No, we haven’t invented a new alpha or beta precursor – the reason it’s called experimental mode is simply because we are experimenting with some ideas we have.

 It is a proper working system but some of the ideas may be re-shaped and re-thought based on feedback, so calling it alpha or beta would be silly. We’d then need to re-test everything after the changes!

So, let the experiment begin 🙂 It is closed until we feel comfortable letting more people loose with the system – on the Internet it’s just too easy to screw up and for the negative word to spread.

Request an invitation code here.

Feelz Feedback

December 7, 2007

Please post any feedback as a comment to this post 🙂

You can email privately at adminATfeelzDOTorg  (replace the AT and DOT with @ and . resp) !!


November 29, 2007


Don’t know if we’re being serious or not do you!? We’re fixing that.

Feelz can be found at